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High-resolution RGB Mini Color Sorter

Consider implementing efficient color sorting systems in small food businesses, laboratories, and commercial grain mills. Binsort mini color sorter is a suitable and appropriate solution for users working with small capacity needs.

Our Mini sorters are available with half/1/2/3/ chutes for effortless transportation of segregated material.

Precisely sorting the products under minute color differences, is difficult to do by human eyes.


BINSORT Multi Grains color sorter KEY Specifications:


BINSORT Multipurpose color sorters can do color and shape sorting of items at the same time, simultaneously for the following fields.



Cashew Mini sorter

Cashew mini color sorters are small, efficient color sorting machines that can be used to quickly and accurately sort and categorize different types of cashews.


Rice Mini Sorters

Accurately separates the good grains from the bad grains, ensuring that only the best quality grains are used in the manufacturing process.


Seed Mini Sorters

Seeds are small in size and have a variety of colors. It’s hard to sort them manually, so these sorters are useful for quality seed separation.


Spice Mini Sorters


Plastic Mini Sorters

These are used to detect and separate plastic particles according to color.




Technical advantages of Multipurpose Mini Color Sorter

  • Artificial Intelligence sorting algorithm- Accurately detects the most minute differences between good and bad grains
  • Automatic Online calibration
  • Point-to-Point dust suction -A method of collecting dust and other particles by forcing air through a sample material
  • Intelligent Operation System – User-friendly OS platform can store 999+ programs with one bottom switch
  • Advanced sensor-based camerasHD cameras by Toshiba are used to capture images of the samples, and then use specialized algorithms to detect and classify them.


  • Efficient Sorting– Available for a variety of food items and other materials like
  1. Rice: Raw rice, parboiled rice, basmati rice, black rice, etc.
  2. Bean: Soya beans, Coffee beans, Moong dal, Chana dal, Masoor dal, Red lentil, etc.
  3. Nut & Spice: Peanut, Dehydrated Garlic, Dehydrated onion, etc.
  4. Seed: White sesame, Black sesame, Coriander seeds, Sunflower seeds, etc.
  5. Plast: Plastic flakes of PET, PVC, PC, PP, PE, ABS, etc.
  • Intelligent self-learning system
  • Reverse sorting
  • Enhance productivity
  • Good Product Quality

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