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H1- Binsort environment supportive automatic industrial plastic sorter

A plastic sorter is an industrial sorting machine to separate plastic materials into different categories. These categories can be determined by a variety of factors such as color, shape, size, material type, and more. The sorted plastic materials can then be recycled, reused or properly disposed of.


It is not easy to separate contaminants and waste from the multitude of plastics we use in our environment. To protect our environment from plastic pollution, Binsort contributes to a plastic waste management system with its plastic sorting machine.


Plastic sorters are capable of sorting large quantities of plastics quickly and accurately, making them an important part of plastic waste management.


BINSORT Plastic sorter Categorization according to plastic types:




Plastic PET color sorter

A plastic PET color sorter is a specialized sorting machine that uses optical color recognition technology to identify and separate PET plastic particles by color with high accuracy.


Plastic PE-PP color sorter

A PE-PP Color Sorter is using advanced color recognition technology to separate and identify different colors of PE and PP plastics.


Plastic PET polymer sorter

A NIR machine operated under infrared technology is used to separate PVC, PP, PE, ABS, Rubber, and aluminum from the PET flakes.




Plastic granule sorter

A Plastic Granule Sorter is an essential piece of equipment with cutting-edge technology in the plastic manufacturing industry, enabling efficient and effective sorting of plastic pellets.








H2- Technical advantages of Binsort Automated Plastic Sorter

  • Sensor-based imaging system
    Infrared sensors and HD color sensors are used to distinguish the colors of plastic particles, flakes, and pellets


  • Intelligence technology
    AI and X-ray-assisted systems for sorting plastics in high-value industrial production


  • HD imaging system

Incorporated to ensure clear identification of regular plastic particles during processing


  • Magnetic ejector

The fast response of switching time for switching the machine on and off results in quick output



  • Material and Color Sorting– Our plastic sorters are capable to sort plastic waste by their substance and shade
  • Automated sortingReduces the cost of production, as it eliminates the need for manual sorting
  • Environment-supportive process- Decrease the amount of waste generated by plastic production
  • Highly-productive Machinery-Helps to improve Manufacturer efficiency and quality of plastic product

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