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Binsort dehydration sorter- advanced drying processes

As an ancient form of preservation, the dehydration of fruit and vegetables is an important method of preserving food, and it is primarily undertaken by establishments that utilize sun drying or artificial dehydration methods to preserve them.


Binsort dehydrating sorter helps to produce dehydrated fruits and vegetables which reduces the cost of packaging, storing, and transporting the final product by reducing its weight and volume.


With the help of our dehydration sorters, it is now easier to get dehydrated vegetables and fruits. Increasingly, it is capable of producing instant and convenient food on demand


BINSORT dehydration sorter categorization by community:-


Dehydrated onion sorter

Onions were peeled, chopped, and sorted precisely, then dried in air to remove water content, increasing their shelf-life.


Dehydrated garlic sorter

Broadly used for sorting or separating dehydrated garlic flakes People use dehydrated garlic for different cooking and remedial purposes.



Technical advantages of Binsort Dehydration Sorter

  • Large touchscreen


  • Intelligence technology
    Real-time intelligent system for sorting rotten forms of onion and garlic in high-value industrial production




  • HD imaging system

Clear pixel scanning for an image of the product under the sorting process


  • Electro-Magnetic ejector

The fast response for switching the machine on and off results in quick output



  • Fast and efficient- the capability to dry food items quickly and sort them precisely
  • Automated food sorting– Cost-effective and efficient solution for food processing companies
  • Nature-friendly production- Helpful to produce tasty and nutritious dehydrated vegetables and fruits
  • Minimized manual work-Reduce labor costs and increases production efficiency

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